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If you haven't already, head on over and check out Westerberg Marine's latest project boat for Western Angler magazine.

Mackerel Islands wahoo

If you have your own boat and are looking to expand your fishing horizons, then the All Boats and Caravans/Western Angler Celebrity Seafari to the Mackerel Islands might be just the solution.

This year's trip, from September 2 to 9, sees legendary Test fast bowler, keen angler and all-round larrikin Jeff ‘Thommo’ Thomson join the team from Western Angler magazine for five days of exciting fishing off Onslow.

Thommo, who played xxx Tests for Australia and was widely considered the fastest bowler in the world at his peak, is a mad-keen fisherman and actually fished at the Mackerel Islands last year.

Some long overdue good news for Broome boaters, with progress towards a potential site for a safe harbour.

A site between Entrance Point and Riddell Point has been declared acceptable by the Yawuru traditional owners.

This site is considered ideal as it is protected from cyclones.

Not only will it include launching facilities for small boats, it would include floating jetties (to cope with large Kimberley tides) that will be able to be used by bigger vessels, such as commercial Kimberley cruises.

A number of changes which will be welcomed by fishers

Leading fishing electronics manufacturer Lowrance recently announced the release of new software updates for its popular HDS Gen3, Elite-5 Ti and 7 Ti displays.

These updates include significant sonar enhancements, new Navionics functionality and general improvements sure to please anglers.

Lowrance revolutionised marine electronics for fishing with its HDS (high definition system) units last decade and HDS owners, in particular, are sure to welcome the new changes which make these units even more effective.

The updates include a number of changes which will be welcomed by fishers, including improvements to Surface Clarity, new Live Network Sonar, Navionics SonarChart Live, the clever Navionics Dock-to-dock Autorouting, Navionics Plotter Sync and NMEA 2000 entertainment enhancements.

fibreglass boat which won’t let you down

If you are seeking an affordable fibreglass boat which won’t let you down on any front, then it is worth looking at Queensland’s Baysport Boats.

Baysport has been around for almost 30 years, including under the Freedom name for some time, and it manufactures a range of affordable and solid Australian-built boats which are exceptional value for money yet achieve outstanding on-water performance.

It’s select range of impressive eye-catching boats are built to last, whether your priority is keeping the vessel for a long time or its potential resale value.

All Baysport boats have a fully moulded fibreglass stringer system which is bonded onto the hull to provide strength and rigidity.

People have been unwittingly breaking the law

One area of boating which often causes confusion is the safety requirements for kayaks.

Kayaking continues to become more and more popular, particularly with anglers, and some kayakers are these days heading a long way offshore to locations that were once the exclusive domain of boats.

Some kayaks now even have sails, like some of the pedal-powered Hobies, making offshore missions easier than they have ever been.

The new solution is Nextivity's Cel-Fi Smart Repeaters

For those in remote areas grappling with poor mobile phone reception, there is now a legal solution.

Private mobile repeaters have historically been illegal in Australia as they can interfere with the mobile network and are not able to be operated without consent.

In previous years, many people had boosters mounted in their car, but modern mobile phones rarely have this option.

Camping in the great outdoors can be magic fun

Easter is upon us and for many people that means a family camping trip.

It’s a great time to explore the South-West coast, in particular, with good weather and schools of salmon passing through for those who like to wet a line.

Camping in the great outdoors can be magic fun, but it can also turn into a nightmare pretty quickly when things don’t go to plan.

The key to have an enjoyable camping trip is being well prepared for all eventualities, and particularly the often unpredictable WA weather.

Westerberg Marine's latest vessel is a project boat for Western Angler magazine

Westerberg Marine is a time-honoured name in West Australian boating and with good reason.

Based in Albany, Westerberg has been building durable aluminium boats for local conditions since 1977 and will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year.

Specialising in commercial and recreational fishing boats, Westerberg has been trusted by generations of local anglers and most keen offshore fishos would have at least fished on, or even owned, a ‘Westy’ at some point in time.