The new solution is Nextivity's Cel-Fi Smart Repeaters

For those in remote areas grappling with poor mobile phone reception, there is now a legal solution.

Private mobile repeaters have historically been illegal in Australia as they can interfere with the mobile network and are not able to be operated without consent.

In previous years, many people had boosters mounted in their car, but modern mobile phones rarely have this option.

If you’ve had to grapple with driving to the nearest hill or scale your caravan to get a signal to make an important call, the good news is there are now legal options available.

The new solution is Nextivity’s Cel-Fi Smart Repeaters, which have been approved for use on the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone networks.

They are ideal for vehicle installation and should also appeal to the ever-expanding Grey Nomad community.

These units amplify and then disburse a mobile signal in a defined area, so all mobile devices on that particular carrier will get improved reception, making them ideal for areas such as regional campsites.

A typical setup includes a unit placed in a location where there is at least one bar of signal, and another unit to disburse the signal in the area.

There is a wireless link between the two boxes.

Although it is based in the USA, Nextivity set about designing a solution ideal for the Australian market, specifically addressing poor mobile coverage needs of moving and nomadic applications.

Their efforts reflected the fact cellular coverage in vehicles has become more critical than ever before as mobile phones become the primary mode of communication.

Nextivity's newest product is Cel-Fi GO, a smart 3G and 4G cellular signal amplifier which is fully compliant for Australia and approved by Telstra for the 3G 850 and 4G 700/1800 frequency bands.

Cel-Fi GO is environmentally rated IP-54 and can be used in marine, automotive and fixed installations.

It was recently recognised by the Cellular Technology Industry Association (CTIA) with its Emerging Technology Award.

Nextivity designed Cel-Fi GO Mobile to address the challenges of poor vehicular mobile coverage by using a number of patented algorithms to amplify cellular signals up to 70dB (100x more powerful than traditional methods).

The repeaters have a range of around 900 square metres and automatically adapt to the moving environment by jumping from tower to tower and not ‘releasing’ the signal until the incoming tower signal is of sufficient strength

Coupled with antennas and the Cel-Fi WAVE smartphone app, Cel-Fi GO is the ideal solution to resolve the toughest coverage challenges, perfect for WA’s nomadic community.

They are available in Perth from Access Antennas.

Info: Cel-Fi Go; Access Antennas;; (08) 6102 2212

Caption:Boatcelfia and b. The Cel-Fi Go Unit; and a typical car installation.