There has been plenty of buzz in the marine industry about Suzuki's new outboard

There has been plenty of buzz in the marine industry, and on social media, about Suzuki’s new DF350A outboard.

Unveiled in the United States last month, it is the flagship of the Suzuki range and the most powerful motor in its line-up.

The first couple of models landed on Australian shores last week and were debuted at the Adelaide Boat Show.

The DF350A is designed to cater for the growing demand for larger outboards.

This demand is being significantly driven by those looking for an alternative to stern drive or inboard power and the DF350A is sure to appeal to those buyers.

Boasting 350 horsepower and the product of some serious attention to engineering detail, the motor has also attracted a lot of attention for its eye-catching and innovative twin prop system.

The pair of contra-rotating propellers are called the Suzuki Dual Prop System and it is this feature which has attracted most attention across various social media platforms.

For the first time on a Suzuki outboard, two three-blade propellers efficiently convert engine output into forward thrust, enhancing acceleration and directional stability.

Suzuki believes the Dual Prop System provides the highest possible speed for the DF350A, which it says lives up to the company slogan – “The Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboard”.

A smaller gear case also decreases underwater resistance to realise high running performance and directional stability.

The DF350A is a compact 4390cm3 four-stroke V6 cylinder engine with a 4.4-litre block.

A high compression ratio of 12.0:1 is adopted for the first time on Suzuki outboards, improving combustion efficiency to realise its impressive horsepower.

In addition to the high compression ratio, the newly-developed four-stroke V6-cylinder engine is equipped with features such as the Direct Intake System and Suzuki Dual Louver System to realise superb output performance and high fuel efficiency.

Dual injectors per cylinder and optimal combustion chamber shape increase charging efficiency and combustion efficiency to realise superb output performance.

Suzuki considered a number of major hurdles in designing the DF350A, including the problem of larger displacement engines typically burning more fuel, added weight creating a wide range of problems for boats, and more complex mechanical components creating reliability concerns.

It says the design process started with a blank sheet of paper, and considered all these factors.

Suzuki engineers worked through years of computer simulations, trial and error, and on-water testing to significantly improve the way an outboard converts engine power into underwater thrust.

They were concerned that while a single propeller created forward thrust, it also produced a significant amount of rotational energy as a byproduct and concluded a dual prop system could convert this wasted energy into productive power and improve propeller efficiency.

They also conquered the problem of needing a large gear case, which would disrupt the flow of water over the propellers.

The contra-rotating propellers help distribute torque between two small gears, as opposed to one large gear for a single prop.

Other features of the DF350A include electronic throttle and shift for smoother control, Lean Burn to maximise fuel efficiency, variable valve timing for optimal low and mid-speed power and efficiency, and a maintenance-free self-adjusting timing chain.

It will be available in XL and XXL models and two colours.

The DF350A will be produced at the Toyokawa Plant in Japan and be available in the United States this month.

It is available to order in Australia now, with the first delivery expected at the end of August.

Caption: The new Suzuki DF305A is perfect for boats running multiple outboards and should be available in Australia soon.