Leading fishing writer Al McGlashan is among those offering expert tips on Club Marine TV.

Al McGlashan offering expert tips on Club Marine TV

Leading marine insurer Club Marine continues to add new services and products to help make the boating experience even better.

Club Marine is Australia’s largest provider of pleasure craft insurance and has been servicing the insurance needs of local boaters for more than 50 years.

It differs from many other insurance providers in that policy holders become a member of a club and receive an individual card that entitles them to a whole range of exclusive services and benefits, like Club Marine Assist and delivery of its popular boating magazine.

It has also added a Club Marine app and Club Marine TV to further expand the level of information at the fingertips of boaters and members.

The Club Marine app has been designed by boaties for boaties and is packed full of excellent features that will be appreciated both on and off the water.

Club Marine members get free access to severe weather alerts and the ability to manage their policy from the app, while other features like local weather conditions, trip planner and safety checklists are free for everyone to access.

The trip planner enables boaters to develop an itinerary and add checklists, notes and even photos as the trip unfolds, which can then be shared with family and friends via email.

The safety information and checklists are designed to help boaters enjoy their on-water lifestyle and include tips for maintenance, safety and better skippering.

It also includes click-to-call access to emergency services.

The Club Marine app won the Innovation of the Year award at the 2016 Australian Insurance Awards.

Club Marine TV is a beautifully produced collection of short videos featuring well-known fishing, boating and safety identities.

Well-known fishing writer and television personality Al McGlashan is among the experts offering video guidance on Club Marine TV.

Found at the website, www.clubmarine.com.au, the videos sees experts like McGlashan share their knowledge with tips and how-to guides for everything from launching a boat or other personal watercraft to choosing the right hook and sinker.

There’s videos on sailing, trailerboats, safety, wakeboarding and more, as well as some great fishing tips from McGlashan.

No one spends more time on the water each year than McGlashan and his knowledge of fishing and boating is almost unmatched.

His most recent fishing video is on how to catch squid, but he’s also supplied new videos on launching solo and handling big seas.

The videos are being updated regularly and there’s some great footage on the website.

Club Marine TV can also be accessed at its YouTube channel.

Visit www.clubmarine.com.au to find out more.

Caption: Leading fishing writer Al McGlashan is among those offering expert tips on Club Marine TV.