Not actually Fishing

A FEW YEARS ago I wrote a story that began by stating that to capture the fish was not all of the fishing. It was a quote from Zane Grey, who knew a thing or two about fishing, but was quite clearly deluded.

To capture the fish is actually not much of the fishing at all, if old Zane were being completely candid. Robert Hughes, who also knows a thing or two about fishing, was closer to the mark in his most recent book, A Jerk on One End. "Fishing largely consists of not catching fish. Failure is as much a part of the sport as knee injuries are to football," Hughes wrote. He detailed how, when he took into account the cost of his boat, pen fees, maintenance and wear and tear, each pound of North American bluefish (tailor to us Australians) was ending up costing him about $US55, when he could get it at a fish market for about $3.50

Tackle Box Therapy

MOTHER Nature, in the form of a 25knot south-easterly, had forced organisers to cancel the fishing competition. It was a sensible decision.

Since the distance from shore one can comfortably travel in a small boat is in direct proportion to the multiple of age times wind strength, we stood at the launching ramp and looked seaward - about 25 metres, which was about as far as three middle aged men would have been prepared to go on a day like today.

Quollotay control problems

"Don't mess with Mother Nature" sums up Jeevan William's and my 2001 experiences at One Tree Beach (OTB). Robert "Bluey" Vaughan's cave mouth in the Admiralty Gulf of Western Australia's Kimberley region had more bad karma than George Bush in a Kabul jail.

Not Driving, Waving

Somewhere on the outskirts of every major city in Australia is an invisible line, and I'm determined to find it. I went looking for it on a recent trip to Shark Bay, and while I got close, I was never able to quite pin down the exact location where it crossed the Brand Highway. Come to think of it, I may not have been paying close enough attention, it could have shifted out as far as North West Coastal Highway, somewhere north of Northampton.