The salmon are coming

It's official – the salmon are on the move.

Last month I wrote about a trip to Bremer Bay, where we found a few very large schools of fish at one beach and had some fun.

However, at that stage the fish had been there for some time and were not yet moving west on their much-anticipated annual spawning run.

He's only just turned seven and Pilbara youngster Max Grasso has already claimed more fishing records than probably all of the readers of this column combined.

The son of former Bluewater Tackle staffer and Dockers tragic Mick Grasso (no relation to the Sandover Medal winner!), young Max is unbelievably obsessed with fishing.

Mick reckons Max first starting heading out on the boat with his folks on fishing trips when he was just four weeks old.

Keen metro squid fishers

Keen metro squid fishers have the chance to test their skills in the Calamari Classic next weekend.

The Calamari Classic name is a well-known one in Perth fishing due to the annual competition held until a few years ago and is this year being run by the Fremantle Sailing Club.

It will be held next Sunday, March 18, and is open to both club members and the public, with organiser and FSC member David Kazim determined to make it the flagship annual squid fishing event in WA.

SWANFISH 2017 wrap up

There was no doubting which capture attracted the most attention at last weekend’s Swanfish weigh-in.

Justin Chapman’s 10.6kg pink snapper raised plenty of eyebrows at Sunday’s weigh-in and was the biggest fish of the annual event run by the Melville Amateur Angling Club and Recfishwest, and supported by The Sunday Times.


SWANFISH 2017 is less than two weeks away and it is set to be another fantastic weekend of family friendly fishing, with the added excitement of some great prizes to be won as well.

Perth’s biggest fishing event, Swanfish is jointly run by Recfishwest and the Melville Amateur Angling Club and is being held on February 25-26.

There will again be thousands of dollars' worth of prizes up for grabs in the annual competition.

Misled readership

A leading marine biologist this week denounced claims by a noted anti-recreational fishing campaigner that fish feel pain.

Professor Jessica Meeuwig, from the University of Western Australia, said in The West Australian it was an "inconvenient truth" for anglers that it had been proven fish felt pain, a claim she later repeated on the ABC, and compared fishing to whaling.

However, Dr Ben Diggles was quick to dismiss her claims as "pseudoscience", noting the research she quoted had been widely discredited.

Fish Pain – Something smells fishy

I was compelled to write to highlight Dr Jessica Meeuwig’s one-sided portrayal of the science of “fish pain” (West Australian 30th Jan). Meeuwig states “these are not cherry picked examples”, but then goes on to do exactly that.

Bremer Bay offered a fantastic little taste

An overnighter at Bremer Bay offered a fantastic little taste of what might be to come in the 2017 salmon run.

Metro anglers know just how good the last couple of salmon runs along the west coast have been, offering some almost unprecedented action on one of the world’s great sportfish.

Even up to a few weeks ago, there will still schools of salmon hanging around the metro area, including in the Swan River.