Prawn Rock Channel pink snapper

Every year a small but canny group of Denmark anglers waits for the Wilson Inlet to fill to near bursting point.

Then, when salt water seeps through the narrowing sandbar holding back the Southern Ocean, they capitalise on a brief opportunity to enjoy a unique shore-based pink snapper fishery.

The snapper, having matured and spawned inside the estuary, gather near the mouth to wait for the opening of the bar which will enable them to migrate to the ocean and continue their life’s journey.

They can sense the insurgence of the salt into the inlet, which can also be enhanced by big swells pushing water over the bar, and instinct tells them it’s time to make their move.

However, they aren’t the only ones who are onto the change and they have one last challenge before becoming oceanic wanderers – the group of Denmark fishos soaking their lines near the mouth of the Wilson.

The location for this short-lived fishery is what is known as the Prawn Rock Channel and a more unlikely spot for this sort of event you’d scarcely find.

The Club Marine Perth International Boat Show begins next Friday

The Club Marine Perth International Boat Show begins next Friday and the Western Angler project boat is sure to attract plenty of attention.

The show runs through to Monday at the Perth Convention Centre and Elizabeth Quay.

Western Angler’s 5.6m Westerberg Bandit was unveiled at last year’s Mandurah Boat Show, with the application of its distinctive wrap proving to be a hit with patrons.

This year the boat will be on display at the Engel Aquatank Fishing Stage, and will be used as the platform for an innovative new series of talks on boating and fishing in WA.

The extensive talks will occur each day and will feature a number of experts discussing all aspects of the fishing and boating experience in WA.

Experts from Boatcatch, Westerberg Marine, Rusty’s Marine, BLA, Honda, Tackle HQ, Halco Tackle, Recfishwest and Western Angler magazine will take people through everything needed for a successful, and safe, day on the water.

Al McGlashan has teamed up with Mercury

Well-known fishing personality Al McGlashan has wound back the clock by teaming up with Mercury Marine again.

It was recently announced McGlashan had joined the Mercury Pro team.

McGlashan is well known through his television shows, including his current series Fish’n with Mates, and local readers can find his regular column in Western Angler magazine.

He is also a regular visitor to WA and has an ongoing relationship with WA lure manufacturer, Halco Tackle.

He probably fishes on more days than any other recreational fisher in Australia and McGlashan has fond memories of his past relationship with Mercury.

A ripper squid

"The weather looks perfect" said Andrew 'Korg'' Jarvis over the phone as we discussed plans for a gentleman''s hour squidding run.

Showers were forecast for the afternoon, but Korg had looked at the radar and was confident we''d miss them if we got out mid-morning and aimed to back in just after lunch.

Both of us were light on for squid in the fridge, he for bait for a pending trip north and me for dinner that evening.

And with his words of wisdom adding the final push that I needed to commit in light of the rather dodgy forecast, we agreed to launch the Western Angler Westerberg Bandit and head out for a couple of hours.

A chunky Warren River rainbow trout

A new freshwater season is upon us and there is some exciting new stuff happening this year.

Although a few spots are open all year, the trout season officially opens on September 1, next Friday, and it is a date eagerly anticipated by WA’s small but passionate band of South-West freshwater fishers.

With so much rainfall in recent months, the dams should be holding good water levels, while the streams and rivers will be flowing high and strong.

That means the best early season fishing could be in impoundments like Harvey Dam, where trout are likely to move up into the flooded margins looking for a feed.

The rivers and streams are likely to fish better as the water levels drop back towards October/November and the clarity improves.

Tragic rock fishing death at Quobba Station

The latest tragic rock fishing death at Quobba Station was yet another timely reminder of the need to always put safety first when fishing.

It follows hard on the heels of a recent death of a shore angler in Broome, when he came unstuck due to a fast rising tide.

While the Broome death was a very unusual one, there have been many lives lost along the rocky ledges at Quobba over the years, and countless more near misses.

I’ve visited Quobba several times and while we’ve never had a major scare, others I know have and there’ve been times we’ve been a little intimidated by the conditions and stopped fishing as a result.

The Carnarvon Jetty at sunset

There was another blow for recreational fishers last month with news that the Carnarvon Jetty was to close again.

Although I haven’t fished at the jetty for many years, there is no doubting its legendary status in WA fishing and it will always have a special place in my angling memories.

Back in the mid-70s, as a kid, I remember fishing out there during one of the mulloway runs for which it is justifiably famous.

I was in Carnarvon with my dad for an Apex convention and we headed out to the jetty one afternoon, armed just with little flick rod combos.

Marine parks in Australian waters

Anyone who has been a regular reader of this column will know I have been passionate about the topic of marine parks in Australian waters for several years.

At times anglers have faced some ridiculously severe lockouts under the guise of conservation, particularly when then Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke first announced the management plans for the marine park network in Commonwealth waters back in 2012.