The imposing stretch of rocky shoreline at Quobba

The imposing stretch of rocky shoreline at Quobba continues to be an iconic destination for WA shore anglers and with good reason.

Located just north of Carnarvon, Quobba offers the rare chance for land-based fishos to tangle with species normally exclusive to boat anglers such as spanish mackerel, tuna and even billfish.

There was a time when we used to visit Quobba most years and enjoyed some fantastic fishing from the rocks for cobia and shark mackerel in particular, but haven’t been back there for a while now.

I will always remember our first trip, when we drove up overnight and arrived just after sunrise to the sight of fish busting up south of the station and flocks of birds wheeling around for as far as the eye could see.

The greatest joy of summer in Perth

One of the great joys of summer in Perth is wading the river flats of a morning, targeting the range of species which call the Swan and Canning rivers home.

Warm, still early morning conditions are perfect for chasing the likes of flathead, flounder, tailor, black bream, whiting and maybe even the elusive giant herring which move up into the shallows when the water is at its warmest.

A little gap in my schedule offered the opportunity to catch up with passionate Perth flats fisher Peter Zahradka last week and a plan was hatched to go wading for flatties one morning.

Peter loves fishing the Swan, not only wading with a rod in hand, but also diving at night to get a feed of crabs and squid.

The popular Bluewater Classic

The popular Bluewater Classic is on later this month and will once again attract hundreds of keen boating anglers out to share in some great prizes.

Perth’s biggest and longest-running boat fishing competition is in its 32nd year and there’ll be more than $40,000 worth of prizes up from grabs on Saturday, February 18.

The good thing about the Bluewater Classic, which is run by the Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club out of its superb clubhouse overlooking the Indian Ocean, is that it includes a range of species which means anglers of all skills and inclinations are a chance to win a prize.

Robert Goodlich with a hefty marron from the South-West

The annual marron season opened last week and it’s always eagerly anticipated by those who love to chase a feed of WA’s iconic freshwater crayfish in the rivers and streams of our South-West.

This year’s marron season runs until noon on February 5, and as always a marron licence is needed to catch them.

It’s always a keenly anticipated time of year among the dedicated band of bush bashers who love to chase these crustaceans, with many having secret spots hidden in the South-West bush that they keep close to their chest.

English Test cricket duo Robin and Chris Smith

We are in the midst of another Ashes campaign and keen cricket fans will remember English Test cricket duo Robin and Chris Smith.

The powerfully-built pair, both born in South Africa in the true tradition of English cricket, are one of only three sets of brothers to have played Test cricket for the motherland.

Researchers want to hear from keen recreational crabbers around WA

Researchers want to hear from keen recreational crabbers around WA.

Catching blue swimmers is one of the most popular recreational fishing activities for local anglers and it is an iconic summer pastime in the bottom half of the State.

It is currently peak time for catching these succulent crustaceans in the Swan and Canning rivers, and also in the Peel-Harvey Estuary in Mandurah, and thousands of people are trying their luck in these systems each week.

Ian Brown searches fruitlessly for bream in a beautiful small south coast system

Sometimes the road less travelled is that way for a reason.

Recently Morris Wilkinson, Ian Brown and I decided to do a bit of exploring on the south coast and try out a new bream spot I’d heard rumours about.

The three of us were looking for somewhere to fish out of our kayaks in windy conditions and during discussions on possible destinations I suggested this particular secret location could be worth a look.

Greg Harding with a typical south coast KG

A Couple of recent outings served as a timely reminder of how much fun fishing for king george whiting can be.

When I was young kid, I used to love catching KGs from the rocks around Albany, but as I’ve got older I’ve rarely chased them.

As a teenager I used to be delighted when I’d pick up a big KG in the reef holes around Rottnest and I can recall getting some thumpers in the boat around Phillip Rock, but in recent years haven’t really chased them at all.