Queenfish like this one caught by Scott Coghlan were a feature of fishing at Kuri Bay. Note Barry Pledger also hooked up in the background.

You know it's a fishy spot when

You know it's a fishy spot when the fish are literally fighting over your lures.

I was fortunate enough to spend a week at a new fishing camp in the Kimberley’s Kuri Bay recently and on two occasions watched in amazement as trevally came through and ripped lures out of the mouths of other fish.

On both occasions I nearly had the hooked fish at the boat when the second arrived to create chaos.

The first such occurrence was when I nearly had a small giant trevally beat close to a rockbar and a bigger model came through.

For a brief moment I suddenly had two fish thrashing on the Halco Roosta popper, before the bigger fish won the day and charged off with its ‘prize’.

The second time it occurred Glenn Edwards, Barry Pledger and I were enjoying a red-hot session on queenfish and trevally in the shallows near an island.

I had a nice queenie close to the boat and was about to lean over and unhook it when a big brassy trevally came through and in full view of Glenn and I ripped the lure away from the queenie in an instant.

These were but two of the memorable moments of a remarkable trip to the Kimberley to fish with legendary guide Peter ‘Tux’ Tucker, which produced some of the best fishing action I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve certainly never enjoyed more frenetic action in the Kimberley and we caught countless queenfish, trevally, mackerel, tuna and mangrove jack among the 30 species we encountered over the week, plus a couple of barramundi.

The clear water and ability to sight cast at a vast range of different species made for a winning sportfishing combination sure to appeal to many anglers, and the comfort of the Paspaley Pearls camp at Kuri Bay was welcomed.

Another great thing about Kuri Bay, which is part of Camden Sound and is around 230km north of Broome, is that there are plenty of sheltered fishing options within close range, meaning the weather is not usually going to be a problem for anglers.

Other highlights of a stellar week included an amazing hour on a bait ball being circled by tuna, mackerel, queenfish, sharks and trevally, and several fish-a-cast sessions on jacks and fingermark.

Tux and offsider Mitchell Castellarin put us on good fish constantly and we caught many queenies well over metre, while I was delighted to catch an estimated 18kg GT while casting poppers around.

Tux is the best guide I have ever fished with and has moved his operations to Kuri Bay this year, after more than 20 years at nearby Freshwater Cove.

Anyone interested in trying Kuri Bay Sport Fishing should call Tux on 0407 006 474 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Look out for more details on fishing Kuri Bay in the October-November edition of Western Angler magazine.

Caption: Queenfish like this one caught by Scott Coghlan were a feature of fishing at Kuri Bay. Note Barry Pledger also hooked up in the background.