Hot Spots 30/07/2017

METRO: The foul weather has put a real dent in the fishing aspirations of many in recent weeks. Once again it has been pink snapper which have been keeping things ticking over.

Those who have been able to get out in their boats during windows in the weather are continuing to do very well in inshore waters, such as around Carnac and Garden islands, and along the Three-Mile Reef.

Hot Spots 09/07/2017

METRO: There are still quite a few salmon around with small groups passing through at the moles in recent weeks and a few taken in Cockburn Sound. Steve Hart and Robbie Riches headed out from Ocean Reef and found plenty in 12 metres of water, with a big school under their boat.

Fishing soft plastics they also managed a couple of nice pink snapper and two samson fish. One of the sambos went 27kg and offered a great fight in the shallow water on 9kg line. They also found big numbers of snook to a metre long. Reel Force Charters has been doing very well on its deep dropping trips, putting clients onto bass grouper to 30kg, hapuka to 20kg and blue-eye trevalla to 27 kilos in 400 metres.

Hot Spots 14/05/2017

METRO: The forecast for rough weather over the next few days will have land-based pink snapper fishers excited. There have been a lot of pinkies caught from north metro beaches in recent weeks and the storms should lead to some exciting fishing from the usual rockwalls.

Rough weather could also be a boon for salmon anglers, as it may push more fish in close to the metro shoreline. The salmon action continued for boat anglers this week with plenty caught at Mewstones and Stragglers. Palm Beach was firing for shore anglers at times.

Hot Spots 18/06/2017

METRO: Pink snapper continue to be the main fare for offshore anglers. There have been plenty around inshore reefs, including south of Rottnest Island and along the Three-Mile. Fish to nine kilos have been caught regularly.

Dhufish have been good from Ocean Reef to Two Rocks, with fish to 16kg caught. There are a few samson fish showing up in close as well and there was even one caught at the North Mole this week. There have been a couple of surprise shark mackerel caught in metro waters in recent weeks and divers have seen spaniards. Skippy are fishing well and respond strongly to berley around offshore structure, while the great run of squid around Perth is continuing.

Hot Spots 07/05/2017

PERTH: Herring are thick in inshore waters and there have been lots of them caught along the beaches, along with a few garfish.

The main problem with the gardies has been getting past the herring. There have also been some good tailor taken along northern beaches.

Salmon are still offering plenty of fun and a school was seen heading up the Swan River past the Fremantle traffic bridges on Tuesday morning. There was also a big samson fish caught near the old traffic bridge this week.

Hot Spots 26/04/2017

Metro: Tailor have been caught around Alkimos, Yanchep, Matts Rock and Seabird for the early morning land-based anglers as well as a few salmon fooling some into thinking they have hooked a trophy chopper.

Many northern beaches have been dirty and weeded out so take that into account. Before heading out it may be worth a check of your intended location.Pink snapper, mulloway and salmon have also been caught from the Preston and White Hills area.

Hot Spots 23/04/2017

METRO: The salmon action continued to ramp up this week for Perth anglers as the fish descend on metro waters in massive numbers for the third year in a row.

Cockburn Sound has been the epicentre of the activity, with some big schools moving into the area. Boat anglers have been able to find the schools, while shore anglers at Woodman Point, the Palm Beach jetties and the Ammo Jetty have been getting into the salmon as well. The moles have also been worth a try.

Hot Spots 26/03/2017

METRO: It is a good time of the year for shore anglers and salmon have started to make their presence felt in metro waters, as detailed in the Salmon Watch section of the reports.

There have been plenty of tailor caught along north metro beaches, the average size around 60cm with fish to two kilos caught. The Trigg to North Beach stretch is worth a try and the best areas to target have been around the washes.

Hot Spots 12/03/2017

METRO: Game fishers are having some success behind Rottnest Island.

Marlin, mainly blues, continue to be encountered at the Trench, with several raised and at least five hooked over last weekend.

Two more marlin were tagged on Monday. There are also a few striped marlin being encountered. At the FADs, there are dolphinfish in good numbers and live baits and lures are working. There has been at least one wahoo caught.

Hot Spots 05/03/2017

METRO: Offshore fishers have been doing well, with spanish mackerel again reported this week. They were caught along the Three-Mile and on the southern side of Rottnest Island.

Pink snapper continue to fish well in the Sound and along the Five-Fathom Bank. There was also a big pinkie of more than 10 kilos weighed in at Swanfish last Sunday.

Hot Spots 12/02/2017

PERTH: The wet and miserable weather put a dampener on what was shaping as some exciting fishing opportunities, with the offshore pelagics starting to fire up before conditions soured.

There have been several marlin raised in recent weeks west of Rottnest Island, mainly blues up to 200 kilos. One boat, Rockall, raised four last weekend and tagged one, a blue of around 180kg for angler Michael Callan.

Hot Spots 05/02/2017

METRO: After a taster last week, the spanish mackerel action cranked up early this week. Several fish were caught from the ammo jetty and other locations in Cockburn Sound.

Boat anglers have also been getting a few, although they have been very secretive about precise locations. Word is that they are not keen on lure and trolling baits has been more productive.