Hot Spots 26/03/2017

METRO: It is a good time of the year for shore anglers and salmon have started to make their presence felt in metro waters, as detailed in the Salmon Watch section of the reports.

There have been plenty of tailor caught along north metro beaches, the average size around 60cm with fish to two kilos caught. The Trigg to North Beach stretch is worth a try and the best areas to target have been around the washes.

There have also been several shore-based pink snapper to almost a metre in length caught this week both north and south of the river. Herring continue to offer a reliable target along the metro coast and yellowfin whiting have been taken from Fremantle beaches. Numbers for the Calamari Classic squid competition were not helped by average weather. There were still good numbers of squid caught and the average size was not bad, with the best of the cephalopods just under a kilo. Pink snapper continue to fish well on the Five-Fathom Bank and along the Three-Mile and there are still plenty of crayfish around in under 20m. Boat anglers have also found lots of southern bluefin tuna to six kilos widespread in depths to around 40m. Bottom fishers continue to do well on dhufish, baldchin groper and some solid breaksea cod. Reports of spanish mackerel have slowed, but there are still a few being caught. Billfish continue to be raised at the Rottnest Trench. Some nice black bream have been turning up, especially in the Canning. Although small bream are thick at times, better fish have been turning up and Bluewater Tackle World’s Pete Berlinski has been doing well on his shore wades casting lures. Bream have also started to improve again farther up the Swan, around Guildford and Caversham. There was a spike in flatfish activity this week, with some good flathead landed, including a 60cm fish at Applecross Jetty. Mosman Bay is one spot which has been producing some good flatties, along with the lower reaches of the Canning. The odd giant herring is still turning up in the Swan. Around Mandurah, there are some nice mulloway in the rivers and bream fishing is starting to pick up again.

ALBANY: Salmon have mainly been found west of town, although a few have been caught at the marina and the odd fish has turned up at Nanarup. Small groups have passed through at Cheynes, but not regularly. Schools have been seen hitting bait offshore. Boat anglers heading out to the Continental Shelf have been picking up a few hapuka and the usual red snapper. In closer there has been the odd dhufish, queen snapper, samson fish, breaksea cod and a few good pink snapper. King george whiting fishing in the Sound has been tough, but improved a bit this week. Herring are responding well to berley, while sand whiting are in good numbers once you find them. Skippy are reasonably plentiful, but the average size is small. There have been occasional reports of southern bluefin tuna just outside the Sound. Cowan Wise picked up a surprise metre-plus mulloway at the boat jetties at Emu Point at night. There have been some very good bream in the rivers, with Deacon Plant pulling two 40cm-plus fish in the Kalgan on Bent Minnows during the week. There are still several mulloway being hooked by bream anglers, including some big fish which are proving tough to stop.

SALMON WATCH: The fish appear to have pushed north quite rapidly and there are plenty of big salmon to eight kilos amongst the schools. There were a couple of large schools around Dunsborough this week, although it wasn’t hard to miss them and you had to be in the right place at the right time and they are very cautious at times. River2Sea Live Minnows have been working well on shy fish this season, as have 14cm X-Raps in the blue sardine pattern. On the metro front, there was also a school at the North Mole on Monday, the Trigg stretch has offered a few and a school was reported near Rockingham mid-week. On the south coast, there continue to be plenty of fish west of Albany through past Denmark, with all the popular spots producing at times. Plenty of fish can be seen at Albany’s Sand Patch, but they are usually staying well out of casting range. The fish have been patchy at Bremer Bay and only a few have turned up at Cheynes. Alesandro Daniele and friends had fun on a big school of kilo fish near Dillon Bay, but only a few adult salmon. Short Beach and Main Beach at Bremer have turned up fish reasonably consistently, although not in huge numbers. Between the Capes, Hamelin Bay is just starting to fire and Smith’s Beach has also produced fish. Bunker Bay has turned up some good schools this week and attracted plenty of anglers keen to try their luck, with fishers almost shoulder-to-shoulder at times. Eagle Bay has also been worth a try. There have been fish around the Busselton Jetty at times and small groups have been coming along the beaches just west of Busselton. The Preston/White Hills stretch is also worth checking out with a few fish caught along there. There are plenty of great spots to catch them from the beach in the South-West, but if you are to fish from the rocks make sure you wear a PFD.