Hot Spots 07/05/2017

PERTH: Herring are thick in inshore waters and there have been lots of them caught along the beaches, along with a few garfish.

The main problem with the gardies has been getting past the herring. There have also been some good tailor taken along northern beaches.

Salmon are still offering plenty of fun and a school was seen heading up the Swan River past the Fremantle traffic bridges on Tuesday morning. There was also a big samson fish caught near the old traffic bridge this week.

Salmon have been reliable at Coventry Reef, while Mewstones and Stragglers are attracting plenty of boat anglers and producing good numbers of fish most days. Pink snapper are often being caught in the same areas as the salmon schools. The North Mole has been a popular spot with shore anglers chasing salmon and has also offered some good pinkies at times. Salmon have also bobbed up in Cockburn Sound for shore and boat anglers and there has been some excellent fishing for pink snapper in the sound. Several have been caught from local beaches. There is the odd longtail tuna still around offshore and a few yellowfin tuna have been showing up out wide. Dhufish are in as shallow as 15m. Deep droppers continue to do well on big bass grouper and blue-eye trevalla. Russell Waterman and Darryl Hitchen picked up their boat limit of squid off Fremantle in quick time on Monday afternoon and there have been plenty caught from rockwalls. Bream are fishing well in the Swan, especially around the structure offered by yacht clubs, and there have been reports of mulloway pushing up as far as Caversham.

ALBANY: The Southern Spectacular was held last weekend with more than 30 boats competing on a glassy ocean. Foggy start made navigation a bit difficult in Oyster Harbour at the start of the day, leading to one well-known local skipper running aground several times and finding himself tangled in a pro net. Nevertheless there were plenty of fish caught, particularly by the offshore boats with the inshore action a bit slower. The highlight was an 18kg dhufish caught by Rob Martin and there were a number of dhuies boated. Squid fishing has been pretty quiet recently but a few up to 1.8 kilos were weighed in and herring were plentiful. King George Sound was alive with mulies and salmon were about in good numbers across a wide area, including around the islands. Morris Wilkinson also found salmon while jigging in 70m. Plenty of small yellowtail kingfish showed up around boats in some areas. Red snapper were a common catch to around 70cm and a number of samson fish were hooked. The best queen snapper was 8.5 kilos, while the best breaksea cod was 2.4 kilos. However, pink snapper were generally small. Some good skippy were also caught. Kyle Hamilton picked up a nice john dory at Two People’s Bay last week. Some big southern bluefin tuna around 20 kilos have been spotted not far from Seal Rock. Salmon have been hard to find for shore anglers, but a few have been reported from the usual locations, including at Nanarup. There have been plenty of skippy and salmon trout in the Kalgan River and the odd mulloway.

AUGUSTA: Round 5 of the ABT Kayak Series was held at the Blackwood River last weekend, launching at the Molloy Island Caravan Park. There were plenty of good bream around the 40cm mark caught, with Graeme Kovacevich producing the fish of the weekend at 950 grams, less than 100m from the launch site. Many of the anglers managed full bags of fish on each day, but it was Sean Higgins that took the honours with six fish for 4.355 kilos. He beat Alex Griesdorf by 70 grams, with Shane Owens in third on 3.915kg. Higgins was one of the few competitors in a paddle kayak and did well on the shallow flats. He was able to get good fish early on each day and work on upgrades, using minnow lures. Hard-bodied lures were very effective for most anglers. There are some yellowfin in the river as well. The best salmon fishing has been around Hamelin Bay, Boranup and Contos. Sand whiting for shore and boat anglers. Offshore anglers have been doing well on pink snapper and dhufish.

MACKEREL ISLANDS: Brian Marshall from Compleat Angler Nedlands had a great time at the Mackerel Islands last week. Highlights included a number of good giant trevally, with half a dozen brutes to around more than 30 kilos boated, along with plenty of smaller fish. There were even a couple of GTs caught from the shore. The variety caught during the week was impressive, including wahoo, sailfish, marlin, red emperor, giant herring, yellowfin and longtail tuna, and coral trout. Spanish mackerel were prolific to over 20 kilos, with stickbaits the most effective way to target them. The shallow water fishing around the islands was good for spangled emperor, big queenfish, trout and various species of trevally. Deep dropping produced plenty of ruby snapper.