Hot Spots 10/09/2017

PERTH: Pink snapper continue to be the mainstay of inshore fishing. There are plenty of fish to a metre being taken.

Charter skipper Al Bevan from Shikari has been doing well south of Rottnest Island and around Garden Island, with the pinkies taking a wide range of lures including soft plastics. Samson fish are also showing up amongst the pink snapper and proving hard to stop on light gear.

The sambos have been up to 40 kilos. There have been king george whiting on the Five-Fathom Bank and there is no shortage of skippy throughout the metro waters, with plenty to over a kilo offering good fun on light gear. Dhufish have been fishing well, with some nice specimens taken from Ocean Reef north. There are still surprising number of southern bluefin tuna turning up. Deep droppers have been finding massive numbers of blue-eye trevalla. Reel Force Charters has been enjoying some hectic sessions with as little as an hour needed to get their bag of fish. Sizes have been exceptional. There are still a few salmon turning up in Cockburn Sound. There have been some mulloway taken from north metro beaches and those chasing sharks have been doing well. Sharks have also been taken at the Ammo Jetty. There was a spanish mackerel caught off the beach north of Two Rocks. The bream in the Swan and Canning are starting to fatten up as they prepare for spawning.

FRESHWATER: The first ever Trout Fest was held last weekend by Recfishwest at Drakesbrook Weir and saw thousands of trout released. Those who tried their luck were rewarded with some nice ex-broodstock fish to 50cm on spinners and minnows. There have also been some nice fish caught in feeder streams for some of the dams in the area. Harvey Dam has once again been producing plenty of early season fish, with loads of ex-broodstock rainbows around 40-50cm being caught. Woolly Buggers have been a very effective fly in the shallows and kayakers have been doing well on trolled minnows. As always, redfin are a regular bycatch and some good schools are being found.

KALBARRI: Beaches have generally been a tad quiet for tailor, but shallow onshore reefs have been fishing better. Wittecarra and Red Bluff have been worth a try, but for the bigger fish Oysters and Back Beach have been the pick of the spots. Fish to 90cm have been caught and a good fish estimated at around a metre long by those who saw it jump was lost. A few garfish are finally starting to show at Red Bluff, along with a few herring. There are some nice whiting to 30cm up the north end of the beach at Wittecarra. Mulloway have been pretty consistent from Red Bluff to Wittecarra with fish to a metre. They have been fishing well at night at the river mouth as well. There have been some better fish caught from the beach north of the river. The cliffs have produced some good pinkies, with a 10kg fish from Pot Alley and some smaller models. Boat anglers have found some spanish mackerel well north of town. Bottom fishing has produced nice dhufish and really big spangled emperor. It has been a great year for the latter with fish to six kilos caught regularly. There have been nice baldchin groper and pinkies as well. The Murchison is full of soapie mulloway and they are spread right through the river, along with nice bream. Estuary cod have been fishing well and it has been worth a try for them and bream around the boat pens.

EXMOUTH: There have been queenfish, giant trevally and big-eye trevally taken from the shore near the tip of the cape. Dusk is the best time to fish that area around Oysters, especially when the tide is low. Big giant herring have also been showing up in the Exmouth Gulf and around the cape, with fish to 8.5 kilos caught in recent weeks. There have also been some big bluebone caught. Spotted this week was former rugby start Andrew ‘ET’ Ettingshausen, who was in town filming some of the fishing action. Kalvin Gates, 5, and Tahlia Mossman, 7, both managed to have a turn on a rod and reel last week with a black marlin. The pair were fishing with their brother and sister and mums off Norwest Reef when the weather was glass before the high tide. They decided to go slightly north-west and in just 30m a little black estimated at 30kg came into the spread of lures. The fish was hooked and then happily released after a few quick photos. Peak Sportfishing has been putting its clients onto some good fish, with plenty of smallish black marlin being encountered out from Tantabiddi in shallowish water and sailfish about in reasonable numbers as well. They have also been finding cobia, yellowfin tuna and wahoo. Bottom fishers have been getting good red emperor, gold-band snapper and pearl perch.