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Salmon ThankYou

1 week 4 days ago #53134 by Joel Tinetti
Good to hear Mark.
It can certainly keep you on edge a bit fishing in close contact and trying to manage kids at the same time.

Glad you had fun.


Some people go to church and think about fishing, I go fishing and think about God (sometimes)

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2 weeks 29 minutes ago #53129 by Scott Coghlan
Great stuff Mark...what a magic fishery it is. Would be great to see it gain a greater profile overseas and draw anglers to WA to experience it.

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2 weeks 1 day ago #53128 by mark brown
I was down at Eagle Bay for a family holiday just after Anzac Day
The salmon fishing was in full force and I must say how impressed I was with West Australian anglers.
I am a Canadian transplant having come here about 10 years ago via Florida, but this has been my first time salmon fishing....

A local walked what must have been a good 30 metres the wrong way up the beach to point out to me that a school of salmon was coming in before he and I hurried along down the beach to witness an incredible school of salmon packed tightly right up against the shore to the point where you could barely see the water from the fins and tails and backs...he said that he had only witnessed something like that once before and that time they were not feeding... I landed one cleanly and then started jagging a few on the back and in the tail they were so thick so I just gave up and watched the was truly amazing!!!

During less hectic times later in the days I was fishing with my small children, despite trying our level best to keep out of other anglers way it was rather difficult with the beach being so crowded, crossed lines were greeted with smiles and a genuine "no worries mate" a kind fisher lady showed my children what the insides of a salmon looked like and my little girl got to hold a still beating heart, she was really stoked!

It was an amazing experience and I am particularly grateful for how other anglers treated a novice and his children, I reckon this fishery is in very good hands!

Mark in Perth

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